Resource Sharing

I would like to develop this space into a central hub for sharing educational resources. I believe that we can become a better community of educators if we share freely with each other. Our learners will be the main beneficiaries of such a space, which is why I do not advocate for a system where we pay each other for the resources that we create, for lesson plans or for schemes of work – many of which are largely untested and can vary in quality. Through freely-available educational resources (not lesson plans or schemes!), we can provide each other with the freedom to choose and use what we want and put it to the test without incurring any cost.

I have added some of my own resources to this space and will add some more as they become available. If you are happy to share your resources freely, please contact this site using the form below and I will organise for your resource to be hosted here. All creators will be credited for their contribution.