INTO Presidential Election 2017

For the first time since 1991, INTO members will be offered the chance to have a say in who represents them as President of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation. The unwritten rule within the Central Executive Committee of the INTO has been that the longest-serving member of the CEC becomes president. This questionable notion has been challenged this year, as there are two candidates running for the presidency – one who is a current member of the CEC as Vice-President (John Boyle) and one who is a long-time trade union activist and challenging the status quo for these elections (Gregor Kerr). A quick Google search will point you to substantial amounts of information about both candidates.

The election will take place in March by postal ballot. I would encourage all members to inform themselves fully of what both candidates have to say and quite importantly, their track records in relation to standing with ordinary members on the most important issues.

In advance of this election, I have decided to do a bit of polling here. Who would you vote for?

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