Teaching Council Elections 2016 – Who will you vote for?

Most categories in this election will require voting due to having more declared candidates than available seats. Where this is not the case, candidates are automatically declared elected. In all other cases there are separate elections for a male candidate and a female candidate and in the case of there being a third seat, this will be taken by the candidate with the next highest number of votes after the winners of the male and female panels are removed from the running. I thought that it might be interesting to set up a poll on this website to get a rough idea of how things might work out. Discussion of the upcoming election and the candidates is of course encouraged in the comments section. I’m focusing this particular group of polls on Category 1 – the primary sector.

Candidate profiles can be found here: http://www.teachingcouncil.ie/en/Council-Elections-2016/Candidates/Candidates.html

Obviously you can vote in as many polls here as you like, but in an effort to keep it as accurate as possible, try to restrict your voting to your own constituency!








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